Sack lunches donated to Sturgis students

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Sturgis Fire and EMS Department is looking for volunteers to help feed local children with schools announcing closures.

The community of Sturgis has come together to provide meals for kids who are unable to get meals while the schools remain closed due to Coronavirus concerns. The goal, 160 sack lunches to be given out everyday until students are able to return back to school safely.

“No kids should go hungry” said Shawn Fischer, Director of Sturgis Ambulance. “I was a school nurse, I saw it first hand. I mean, parents plan on their kids being fed everyday with school being let out this week people budget, they do not have it in their budget to feed those kids. And I mean it’s nobodies fault so us as a community need to step up and help out.”

Each bagged lunch includes a peanut butter and jelly or meat and cheese sandwich, a juice box, fruit, vegetables, chips, a granola bar, and either pudding or cookies for dessert. All of the food is being donated by local grocery stores and also community members donating anything they can to help out as well.

“We ran into a lot of parents that said hey, I wasn’t planning on being home you know yeah I have a 13 year old but how are we gonna get meals to him. So we want those people to call us, email me, on Facebook message me. Anything we have people who are willing to deliver to home tomorrow and Monday through Friday.”

Volunteers say they will deliver if needed, One of the volunteers for this event is just happy to give back to the community that she grew up in.

“There are so many kids that I love in the community that I care about that I want to take care of.” Said KayDe Roth a volunteer today at the Sturgis Fire and EMS department. “I think that’s everybody that was here they care about the kids, we just have a really good community full of a lot of great people.”

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