Russia pounds vital port of Odesa, targeting supply lines

Russia Ukraine War

An Ukrainian firefighter works near a destroyed building on the outskirts of Odesa, Ukraine, Tuesday, May 10, 2022. The Ukrainian military said Russian forces fired seven missiles a day earlier from the air at the crucial Black Sea port of Odesa, hitting a shopping center and a warehouse. (AP Photo/Max Pshybyshevsky)

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian officials say Russian troops are pounding away at the vital port of Odesa, apparently as part of efforts to disrupt the supply lines and weapons shipments that have been critical to Kyiv’s defense.

Ukraine’s ability to stymie a larger, better armed Russian military surprised many observers, who had anticipated a much quicker conflict.

With the war now in its 11th week and Kyiv bogging Russian forces down in many places and even staging a counteroffensive in others, Ukraine’s foreign minister appeared to voice confidence that the country could expand its aims beyond merely pushing Russia back to areas it or its allies held on the day of Feb. 24 invasion.

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