Runner’s Club

We talk to some area students who are getting serious about their wellness with the help of Runner's Club.

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Physical education is taught in schools beginning at a young age, when minds are eager to learn.

The participants of the Rapid City Area School District’s Runner’s Club are learning what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.

The students enrolled in the Runner’s Club at South Canyon Elementary School are dedicated to physical fitness.

P.E. Teacher at South Canyon, Jessica Joyal, says, “It’s just a way to get these kids moving. Some kids have a lot of energy, so it’s a good thing for them to come out here. It’s one of the few clubs or activities you have in elementary school. Everyone is welcome. Families are encouraged to walk or run with their kids too, so I’m trying to get the community involved in it as well.”

The students involved understand the importance of exercise to their overall health.

Meredith Lehmann, third-grader, says, “Running gets your heart beating, and your heart beating is good.”

Fourth-grader Britain Brooks says, “I really like to do sports. I think it’s just fun to run around in the morning and get laps in and stuff.”

Serenity Turner, fourth-grader, says, “My friends were in Runner’s Club and I thought it was a great way to keep you awake in the morning. I think it’s a way to make sure you have a good day.”

The club meets Tuesday and Thursday morning in the fall, wrapping up at the end of October. 

Participants can run laps on the track before the school bell rings.

More than 40 students are enrolled at this school, but many other schools in the district also have a Runner’s Club. 

The South Canyon Elementary Runner’s Club had a goal – to run enough laps to cross the state of South Dakota, which is 410 miles along Interstate 90. And they surpassed that goal by getting in over 452 miles so far this year. 

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