Rounds, others introduces legislation to boost hiring of military spouses

Military SpousesWASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Rounds along with other US Senators introduced the Military Spouse Hiring Act, legislation which would amend the tax code to incentivize businesses to hire military spouses.

“Our service members and their families are willing to sacrifice so much for our country,” said Rounds. “One of these sacrifices includes moving from one assignment to the next, which can make it difficult for military spouses to secure a job and for employers to hire them. We owe it to our service members and their families to remove obstacles hindering their financial well-being. Expanding the Work Opportunity Tax Credit to include military spouses will help remove one barrier, giving our military families the opportunities they deserve.”

Military spouses consistently experience unemployment rates substantially higher than the national rate, and two-thirds of employed active duty military spouses report underemployment.

Frequent moves often stall military spouses’ upward career progression and force them to find new jobs.

This legislation would address the issue by expanding the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program—which gives incentives to employers to hire individuals who experience unique employment barriers—to include military spouses.

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