Roosevelt Ice Arena, Swim Center indoor pools to close for maintenance

RAPID CITY — If you’re planning on going ice skating this weekend, you might want to do it on Saturday.

The Roosevelt Ice Arena will close for maintenance starting Sunday, July 18.

Staff won’t be available to answer phones, sharpen skates, or register for classes.

The annual maintenance will help get the arena ready for the fall.

“We do some painting…We do a deep-cleaning of the facility…We shave-off part of the ice and then rebuild that back up…[It] takes about two weeks and it’s always about this time of the year. It’s in the heat of the summer and it’s a good time to get this work done,” said Darrell Shoemaker, communications coordinator for the City of Rapid City.

Anyone needing to pick up skates should do so before 5:30 p.m. Saturday, July 17.

The rink will be closed until August 2.

Maintenance also planned at another popular recreation spot – the Roosevelt Swim Center.

The indoor pools will be closed beginning August 1 as crews repair the floor in the leisure pool.

The center usually closes for two weeks around Labor Day for cleaning and maintenance, but officials say the damage they noticed when the pool was closed and drained during COVID shutdowns last year can’t wait.

“We refilled that pool, and noticed that deterioration has continued. We had scheduled it for some extensive maintenance in the near future, but we really can’t wait any longer – that deterioration is getting so bad we really need to get in and do a total demolition of that pool floor and then rebuilt it,” Shoemaker said.

The outdoor pool at the Roosevelt Center will remain open and have extended hours through September 12 – the day the indoor repairs are set to be done.

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