Rolling Rez Arts bus success set to increase with physical building in Kyle

PINE RIDGE RESERVATION, S.D. — With success shared from the Rolling Rez Arts bus program – by First Peoples Fund – a permanent location for artists on Pine Ridge is being constructed.

Oglala Lakota Artspace is designed as an extension of their current work – providing business resources to Native American artists.

“You know, 51 percent of people rely on home-based business for income, ” says First Peoples Fund Communications Manager Cecily Engelhart. “And of that 51 percent roughly 79 percent are arts based. And so a great deal of people – that’s nearly 30 percent of people – are getting their income from an art based business out of their home.”

The new space – 8,500 square feet – will include computers, studio spaces, in-house banking services, galleries and more.

“It’s just going to create an opportunity for people to really – you know, from learning the business of the arts to finding opportunities for artist residencies – all those different things are hopefully going to be what grows in this space,” says Engelhart.

The hopes is that the mobile service will continue helping arts receive access to resources to build their craft and business. The physical location will be a creative space – creating collaboration in culture and artistry.

“It’s not like we’re coming in and creating a whole bunch of new stuff,” says Engelhart. “There’s already a lot of incredible things happening. We’re just there to help support and strengthen that.”

The space is set to open in 2020. It is a partnership with Artspace America, First Peoples Fund, Lakota Funds – designed by Encompass Architects, P.C.

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