Roller Coaster January: 50’s Tuesday, chance of mixed precipitation Wednesday

Warm temperatures will give way to a quick moving system Wednesday that could bring snow for the hills and rain elsewhere

  • Expecting relatively calm & sunny conditions today, Southeasterly winds could being a few foggy areas in the Eastern and Southern foothills this morning.
  • Areas of northeastern Wyoming could see breezy conditions starting this afternoon from the Southwest around 35-45 MPH

  • Temperatures will start warming up nicely from Southwest to Northeast, with areas of Northeast Wyoming getting to the low to mid 40s by this afternoon
  • Areas North and East of the Black Hills will have to wait until tomorrow for warmer air to punch through, expecting teens and 20s for highs.

  • Overnight the warm front will continue to move through the region, bringing some breezy Southwesterly winds up to 30 MPH in south Dakota
  • Northeast Wyoming could see gusts a little higher, pushing the 30-40 MPH range – warmer air will be accompanied by increasing clouds.

  • By Tuesday afternoon we’ll be cookin across the region (Even areas North and East of the Black Hills!), temperatures in the mid to upper 40s, even a few 50s in the Eastern foothills.
  • The party will be cut short Tuesday evening into Wednesday as the inevitable cold front pushes through – bringing cooler temperatures and the chance for precipitation.

  • So far, it looks like mostly rain for the SD plains and Northeastern Wyoming, but snow could be in the forecast for the Northern Hills.
  • This could change over into a mix by Wednesday evening, with a few inches of snow possible for the higher elevations.

  • By late in the week towards the weekend, warmer air returns with highs in the 40s and 50s with plenty of sunshine.
  • Long range hints at a possible system for next week, but so far it doesn’t have a lot of punch behind it – moisture content seems to be the limiting factor.
  • We’ll keep an eye on it, so far the rest of January is looking rather mild and warm. There are hints that the deep freeze could come back in time for February.


Pretty tame January so far… except of course if you live East River. As long as the jet stream doesn’t plunge through the Western portion of the United States, I’m not too concerned about any large-scale systems. That doesn’t mean we can’t still get cold snaps, but any Northwesterly systems that do come through will have to cross the Canadian and Montana Rockies… that’ll strip them of any useful moisture.

The system for next week does have a slight dip to the South, which could pull some moisture North from the gulf – but you really need a bulk of energy and arctic air to reinforce the conveyor belt – and I’m just not seeing that. Let’s enjoy the warm weather this week (save for Wednesday) and light up the grill a few times this week. Who knows what February might bring… if climatology has anything to say about it the warm air won’t be here for long. Be safe out there! -Brant

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