2019 already Rapid City’s wettest year

RAPID CITY, S.D. — On Thursday, Rapid City officially set the record for the wettest year ever, and we haven’t even reached November.

The National Weather Service Office in Rapid City officially received 29.12” of precipitation including this last snow event. This exceeds the previous record of 28.89” set back in December of 1962, over 57 years ago.

Meteorologists at the NWS office talked about how 1962 and 2019 were different, despite both being very wet years.

“It was a little more spread out this year,” said Scott Rudge, Meteorologist at NWS Rapid City. “We were wet in May, little bit of a reprieve in June and then wet from July clear through September. 1962 it was very wet May through July and then tend to dry out in August, again, a little different this year.“

Adding to our unusual year, it was the third shortest time period between our last snowfall on May 21 and first snowfall of the season On October 10 — that’s only 140 days.

The record was 129 days back in 1965.

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