Road work in Western Rapid City preparing to wrap up

RAPID CITY, S.D.– Road work in the West Chicago and Omaha Street area of Rapid City could be wrapping up soon.

The Intersection Of Omaha And West Chicago Street In Rapid CityAccording to the South Dakota Department of Transportation, the three-year project to expand the number of east and west-bound lanes will be completed in weeks. By adding the extra lane, officials are aiming to effectively increase the flow of traffic in the area.

Originally started before the pandemic, officials began work on adding a third lane for both sides. A nearby bike path under the Rapid Creek bridge was previously closed to the public during the work, but opened back up for riders in late May of this year.

“Because of capacity issues, we widened this from four lanes to six lanes. When we reconstruct things, we take it from four lanes down to two lanes,” South Dakota Department of Transportation Rapid City Area Engineer Mike Carlson explained. “So now we are doubling capacity in our lanes. That is why we have the backups. There is not much we can do about it other than you just give us some patience. We will get it done as soon as possible.”

For drivers on the road, this will also mean the removal of the orange cones dividing the lanes. But even with the series of factors that contributed to any delays through the duration of the project, officials are hopeful for an end-of-summer completion.

“We had some struggles early on. Trying to get people here, dealing with COVID issues, supply-chain issues. That kind of stuff. But it is a culmination of a three-year project. Hopefully by Labor Day they will all go away. We don’t like them any more than anybody else does. We are really excited to get these orange cones out of here.”

Until the work is completed, DOT is urging drivers and anyone in the area to take caution when passing through the area. Carlson recommends drivers take their time and leave early, preparing for any delays on their commute.

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