Road Conditions: Friday Morning Weather Update

There's still some areas of icy conditions, along with some blowing snow - but most of the areas have seen much improvement

  • While most of our precipitation has begun to shift East, areas of blowing and drifting snow – particularly North and East of the Black Hills persist this morning
  • Slick roads and low visibility will still be possible, despite the plentiful sunshine we expect later on this morning
  • Breezy and Windy conditions will bring our wind chill to the single digits in some areas, temperatures will struggle to crest the mid-30’s today

  • No-Travel Advisories are posted for areas to our East, particularly as you head East of the Badlands on Interstate 90
  • Snow totals are still coming in, but most hit the mark of 6″-9″ of snow North of Interstate 90 and lesser amounts as you travel South
  • Road conditions vastly improve once you get South of Tilford on interstate 90, save for any untreated roads

  • Northeast Wyoming is improving this morning, with the only high impacts being reported Northwest of Sundance towards Devils Tower and Hulett
  • Gillette nearly escaped unscathed, save for maybe an inch or two in some area, if that.
  • System has a hard time reaching back around with moisture, clippers from the Northwest traditionally bring the cold and wind, but not the mega-snow events.

  • A Look at some road conditions across the area, Tilford seems to be the dividing line – as it usually is – between large impacts and less impacts
  • Once you get South of Tilford, road conditions improve.

  • Still have some slick roads out towards Spearfish and Belle Fourche

  • Wall is still seeing a good amount of blowing and drifting snow, with slick road conditions. Use caution if you are heading East today

  • South of interstate 90 and we see big improvements, only a few areas of moderate accumulations have been recorded

  • For those travelling through Oglala Lakota County, roads for the most part are clear along 18, with a few slick spots, take it easy this morning.

  • Things will slowly, but steadily improve temperature wise across our region, with Monday seeing a possibility of 50°
  • Dry weather looks likely stretching into next week, with our first 60° mark possible by Thursday

For an update on school closings and delays, you can go to Its been a busy 24 hours, so I’ll keep things short for the end piece here. Accumulations were on the smaller side for the most part, clippers from the Northwest tend to bring the cold and snow, and don’t have sustainable moisture – The Rockies tend to suck those systems dry. We get our big snows from Low pressure systems that come from the south and travel North – gulf moisture is the key. We never tapped into that reservoir, and its a good thing too. Be sure to take it easy out there still, 0° wind chill is no fun, and we still have some slick spots out there. Be safe! -Brant

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