Ripples in a pond: Multiple small waves brings light snow, freezing fog, & breezy conditions

Several different waves will bring varying conditions across portions of our area, depending on where you live

  • Today will be partly cloudy for the most part, with colder temperatures in the teens and 20s towards the East – and warmer temperatures in the 30s and even 40s in some cases in the Black Hills and West.
  • The Jet stream is still meandering through our area, so don’t be surprised to see, once again, a few snowflakes today.

  • The first of many atmospheric waves will come through this evening with an associated cold front.
  • Light snow, along with mixed precipitation will be possible, with Northeastern Wyoming more likely to see more organized light snow.

  • Friday will feature on an off snow showers, with mixed precipitation being possible in some areas.
  • Breezy Northwesterly winds will make things feel quite chilly and could result in isolated areas of low visibility if a particularly rigorous snow band does decide to make an appearance
  • Temperatures will once again range from teens and 20s towards the East to 30s and maybe even a 40° mark towards the Black Hills and West.

  • Friday night will feature spotty snow showers, with flurries for most of us.
  • Going into early Saturday morning, freezing fog could develop in the Black Hills – so even if roads look wet, we’ll be seeing a distinct drop in temperatures across the entirety of our area into the single digits and teens.

  • Along with cloudy skies and freezing fog, Saturday will also feature another quick wave of light snow, most of which will stick to Northeastern Wyoming, the Black Hills and areas South of I-90
  • Most of this may not even reach the ground, seeing as dry air and other obstacles will prevent much snow from reaching the surface.

  • All in all, all these little waves put together will amount to very little in the way of actual impacts.
  • Accumulations are expected to be an inch or less for most of our area, with some exceptions in Northeastern Wyoming and the Northern Black Hills which could see a 1″-3″ mark.

  • The forecast for the next 3 days looks busy, but most of these conditions will be short lived, and it’s even possible some areas may see nothing at all for the next three days.
  • Things could feel quite chilly Friday and Saturday with both Northerly and Easterly winds, but a good pair of gloves and a hat should do the trick.

  • Next week shows some pretty good signs of a warm up by Wednesday, with a ridge of high pressure bringing more mild and dry weather.
  • A possible short wave will cross the region late next week, but so far it doesn’t look like it’ll amount to much for us.


Our calm pattern continues… even with this burst of unsettled weather this weekend. With northwesterly flow in place and Montana/Canadian Rockies protecting us from major systems thus far, we can expect most of these storm systems to pack very little in the way of impacts. Having that said – slick roads and a few snow bursts are very common with these clipper-like systems so its best to be on your toes. Things like freezing fog and light snow can be handled with just a small amount of caution – so travel plans and weekend activities are a go. Just make sure to pack the gloves and hat! Be safe out there! – Brant

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