‘Ride with a Local’ Rally event gives first time visitors a guided tour through the Black Hills

STURGIS, S.D. — It’s called ‘Ride with a Local’.

It’s a way for Sturgis Rally novices to see the Black Hills first hand from someone who knows their way around.

Registration is $40 and is limited to 25 bikers per ride.

There are two rides during the Rally, the first was on Friday, August 7. The second one will take place on Friday, August 15.

Each ride is unique to the local who guides the tour, picking their favorite spots in the Black Hills to show their visitors.

“We’ll take a couple stops along the way,” said Jerry Cold, the Director of Rally and Events. “We’ll stop at Pactola Lake and of course the overlook is so beautiful you know? You gotta take some pictures and stuff so it will be a fun day. And it’s gonna be 90 some degrees and that’s what riding is all about.”

The ride is over 3 hours long, making stops at landmarks and points of interest until returning to Sturgis.

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