Rice’s Rapid Motorsports wraps up rally demo rides

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Throughout the rally  Rice’s Rapid Motorsports hosted 10 days of demo rides. People were welcome to register and get a guided ride through the Rapid City area.

There were a variety of motorcycles, Slingshots, and Spyder’s; a brand of 3 wheel motorcycle. Among the other brands, were Triumph Motorcycles, KTM, and Honda. Honda averaged about 84 riders a day.

“We take people on an approximately 30-mile route, so they’ll really have a chance to experience the bike and what it can do, in a lot of varied road traction environments,” said Rebecca DeShazo-Westly, with Honda. 

Although there were plenty of bikes to choose from the Slingshots tend to catch a lot of attention. They’re known for their speed and thrill.

“Slingshots are 170 horsepower, stick shift right now, but in the future, they’ll have automatic. It’s so low to the ground it’s an experience like no other to ride. When people take them for a ride they’re pretty impressed,” said Wade Rice, the owner of Rice’s. 

The average cost of all the demo products were around $30,000 and up.

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