Rezoning requests on behalf of Samuelson Development LLC, approved

City Council

RAPID CITY, S.D. – More than a dozen community members spoke out against an ordinance to build an apartment complex off of Highway 16 and Fox Rd.

KW Commercial put in two rezoning requests on behalf of Samuelson Development to build on the 14 acres of open land.

Both rezoning requests

It was proposed to rezone two parcels of land from the General Agricultural District and General Commercial District to the Office Commercial District.  The requests were approved.

Non-consent hearing item 43

There was also an item to appeal the Planning Commission’s decision on a request for an Initial Planned Development Overlay. The appeal was approved with stipulations. There were 14 different stipulations. Among those stipulations were a traffic impact study and a drainage plan.

Before the project can move forward a final planned development must go before the Planning Commission with the stipulations.

Residents of the area say that the project is a good idea but the location is not. Locals are worried that the proposed three to four-floor apartment complex will cause traffic congestion and accidents.

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