Restoration project for M-Hill brings new life to the area

RAPID CITY, S.D. — M-Hill towers over Rapid City, a famous landmark. Though by this time next year, visitors should see some big changes.

Sd Mines M Hill Rendering“The M-Hill restoration is about restoring the honor and legacy of the School of Mines and it’s graduates,” Dr. Scott Kenner, professor emeritus described.

The Center for Alumni Relations and Advancement had originally submitted an application for the city’s vision fund, seeking help with the restoration of the trail and iconic “M” logo.

However, they withdrew the request earlier this month, to focus on another one for work on O’Harra Stadium.

The alums currently have raised around $55,000 towards their goal, about one-third of the total cost.

“We’ve been working to raise $125,000 to replace and restore the ‘M’ and the plaques” said Paul Krueger, CEO for the Center for Alumni Relations and Advancement. “And then another $30,000 to be able to improve the trail up on M-Hill.”

Plans include a complete restoration of the “M” as the cement has been cracking for some time now.

A rendering of the proposed trail includes the design of a new path that snakes up the face of the hill rather than going straight up.

It will also have a lessened slope to make hiking to the top easier compared to the steep one currently leading to the top.

There are also new versions of the plaques honoring alumni on top of the hill with a rock garden for visual appeal, and benches.

“Those who venture up can take a small rest and have really good views of the city,” Dr. Kenner said.

Their goal is to have the funds and start work early next year, and have the project completed for next year’s whitewash of a renovated “M”.

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