Restaurant Week is coming to Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Foodies, rejoice! Restaurant Week is coming to Rapid City Jan. 13 and lasting through Jan. 22.

Restaurant Week is a great way to experience delicious food from restaurants in downtown Rapid City. The restaurants will feature limited time and unique menu items for the week-long event.

A free mobile pass is available where you can view participating businesses, their specialty menus, as well as check in to restaurants during your visit to enter to win prizes.

There are four different menu prices for the week, $6.05, $20.11, $43.00 and $72.00, and they each tell a story about Rapid City.


This price represents 605, the South Dakota area code, and it’s also celebrated every year on June 6. South Dakota is also one of only 12 states in the U.S. that has a single area code for the entire state.


In 2011, Rapid City transformed the downtown district that is known as the heart of Rapid City into Main Street Square.

What was once a parking lot is now home to dancing fountains and live music in the summer, and ice skating and bonfires in the winter. It also serves as a gathering space for the community.


This price is for the 43 life-size bronze presidents lining the streets of downtown Rapid City.

Rapid City is nicknamed the City of Presidents, and there is a free walking tour that showcases the past presidents of America.


The $72.00 price looks back to the 1972 Flood. Considered one of the worst floods in U.S. history, the community came together in the aftermath to rebuild, create a floodplain and expand the green spaces throughout Rapid City.

Mobile Pass

The mobile pass comes with more than just ease of use, it also offers prizes. The more places you visit for Restaurant Week gives you a higher chance of winning.

Prizes include:

  • 1st Place will receive a $300 Downtown Rapid City Gift Card plus a free one-night stay at the Holiday Inn Rapid City Downtown
  • 2nd Place will receive a $200 Downtown Rapid City Gift Card
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