Restaurant Week in Custer has more choices than previous years

CUSTER, S.D. – Starting on Wednesday, February 24  through Saturday, February 27, Restaurant Week in Custer will be in full swing. It is Custer’s 4th Annual Restaurant Week and this time around, there is more to choose from.

“We have 13 participating restaurants this year which is the most we’ve ever had.  Every year we keep getting a few more so we’re up to 13 this year and we have things from coffee shops to very fancy dinner options to smaller places that you can have your intimate meals at” said Custer Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dolsee Davenport.

Dakota Cowboy Cafe has been a staple of Custer for 50 years, and for the first time in 5 decades the restaurant is open during the winter. Owner Steve Giraud, one of the newer restaurant owners in the area, says restaurant week is all about the finest of dining.

“Normally we have good family-style restaurant with a wide variety of items and steaks is just one of them but on restaurant week we’ve made a special purchase of American wagyu beef and so that would normally be found in a white linen environment and a high-end price tag” said Giraud.

Calamity Jane’s Coffee Shop & Grill opened last April and missed out on last year’s restaurant week. This year with lots of specials, owner Sheila Carter says there is something for everyone to enjoy.

“We have different offerings breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each day of the week we have a different offering some of those including avocado toast and breakfast burritos and also for lunch and dinner we have lasagna, pulled pork. We have campfire chili.”

All agree, restaurant week is a great way to welcome old and new customers. On the final day of Restaurant Week, the annual tradeshow will be taking place in the school admin building.


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