Residents weigh in on holiday returns

Uptown Rapid ExteriorRAPID CITY, S.D. – As supply-chain issues plagued the holiday shopping season, many families probably had to rethink gifts this year. Now, around 10% of all holiday gifts will be returned to stores.

A majority of them will be being brought back from December through February, and as stores opened on Sunday, the race to bring them back began.

“She got some Dudes for Christmas, and we ended up with two left feet. So we are here at the mall to return them before I have to go back to work for the week,” one shopper explained.

Many of the shoppers out at Uptown Rapid were mainly out shopping and spending gift cards they received.

And with many having been through the chaos of returning gifts, they shared their advice to help things go smoothly.

“Usually we wait for a few days after the holidays. And then we usually go in-store because we exchange of we can,” another mall-goer said

“Normally, I have always returned it within the next day or two, I think at this point in time thought as I get older, it’s just easier to wait.”

According to Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce website, around 62% of people will more likely be making their returns in-person, which has benefits for both the customer and the store. Shoppers had similar ideas when it came to getting things done in-store.

“If we find something else that we want, then we can just get it right at that moment, versus having to return it online and wait for another gift card.”

“I like to be able to take my time and just find what it is I’m looking for and not feel rushed or anything. Like that. And see if maybe something that I want gets restocked,” a resident said.

Making returns in-person will help you get the fastest exchange rate and full return for the items.

And while some businesses having extended their return deadlines, it is also recommended to review the store’s policy before taking any items back.

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