Representative Dusty Johnson announces D.C. staff members

Dusty johnson

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Newly instated Representative Dusty Johnson has announced additional staff members that will make up his administration in Washington D.C.

The Republican Representative, who defeated Democrat Tim Bjorkman in the November elections, says his new staff will allow him to hit the ground running during his transition to Washington.

The new team members include John Weber as a Senior Policy Advisor, Carly Reedholm as an Operations Manager, Jazmine Kemp as Press Secretary, Hannah Kagey as a Legislative Assistant, Peter Dudziak as Legislative Correspondent and Matthew Krall as a Special Assistant.

Hannah Kagey in particular will focus on tribal policy, while Matthew Krall has been by Rep. Johnson’s side throughout his campaign.

Johnson has made clear he plans to focus on agriculture, an issue he believes many members of Congress lack a comprehensive understanding of.

He’s also been an advocate of bridging the gap formed through divisive politics. In an interview with South Dakota Pubic Radio, Johnson drove this point home.

“I know there are people out there who hate Barack Obama and there are people out there who hate Donald Trump, but I would just say to everybody: this anger, this coarseness, contributes to a society where we do not feel a oneness like we should. We are Americans.”

Johnson was sworn into office on January 3rd.

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