Representative Borglum promotes constituent communication

Rapid City Representative of District 32, Scyller Borglum, is the first state legislator to use a social media engagement bot to promote constituent service and government transparency.

It’s called a ChatBot, or what Borglum has personally named, Bella-Bot. It’s a social marketing tool that Governor Noem used throughout her campaign.

It’s a Facebook Messenger program that allows her to communicate directly with constituents, as Borglum saw a disconnect between the voters and the legislators.

Representative Scyller Borglum says, “It’s incredibly important to me because the first thing I saw was people wanting the representatives to participate in conversation with them and be engaged. I saw this when I was going around knocking on doors last spring and then again in the hall prior to the primary and the general election and yet it seems like more and more politicians will pay attention right before the primary and then you never hear from him again. But this is something I take very seriously, this is a position where if I cannot physically be there in the space with my constituents, I want to be with them in virtual space.”

So how it works is if you message the words “Good Gov” to Scyller J. Borglum’s Facebook Messenger, buttons will pop up to help the user navigate to meeting requests, capitol tours, flag requests, internships, or even just to meet for coffee. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Borglum is also launching an effort to help out women in politics, called WIPPAC, a political action committee geared toward electing more women in politics at all levels of government and assisting with campaign funding.

“I want to promote women across the spectrum to get into all levels of government. We in South Dakota have had a very strong history of women supporting politicians … we’re 100 years out since women receive the right to vote — it is time for women to start running for office,” Borglum says.

Borglum has served in the South Dakota House of Representatives since the 2018 session. She currently serves on the Health and Human Services, Military and Veterans Affairs, and Judiciary House Committees.

Click here for a link to Scyller J. Borglum’s Facebook page.

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