Rep. Johnson supporting legislation to permanently observe Daylight Saving Time

WASHINGTON — We sprang forward and South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson is fighting to keep it that way.

Rep. Johnson is supporting the “Sunshine Protection Act,” which would make Daylight Saving Time permanent nationwide.

Johnson says there is broad bipartisan support for the proposal and some states have already taken the leap on their own. Since 2015, 45 states have introduced legislation in favor of permanent DST, and 11 of those made it the standard.

“Now, the value of that would be that we would take that precious eight hours of daylight we get in South Dakota during the winter and shift it back a little bit,” Rep. Johnson says. “That’s gonna mean more time in the late afternoon and early evening to go for walks, to play with dogs and kids, and to do things outside.”

South Dakota’s House State Affairs Committee rejected a similar Daylight Saving Time bill during the 2021 legislative session.

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