Rep. Johnson speaks ahead of Livestock, Foreign Ag Subcommittee hearing


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Dusty Johnson spoke Wednesday ahead of the Livestock and Foreign Agriculture subcommittee hearing.

As processing capacity continues to be an issue for producers, Johnson says the market continues to provide barriers to the growth of smaller processors.

He says regulation and workforce hurdles are limiting the market’s ability to grow.

“That is a market failure that has negative impacts both to consumers who want to eat the beet as well as the producers who want to provide it,” said Johnson. “We need to figure out how to increase capacity. The lack has hindered the American rancher’s ability to reap the benefits of the increase in demand and the increase in appetite for beef across the world.”

Johnson says he hopes the feds can allocate money to promote producer and co-op ownership, and lower the cost of entry into the industry with the goal of diversification.

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