Rep. Dusty Johnson aims to expand health, life insurance to tribal schools

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Dusty Johnson’s bill aimed at expanding health and life insurance benefits to tribal schools — moves on to the House floor.

The passage of the Indian Healthcare Improvement Act in 2010 allowed tribal schools to be eligible for federal benefit programs — but tribal grant schools were excluded.

Johnson’s Tribal School Federal Insurance Parity Act amends the 2010 law to include those schools — including six grant schools on Pine Ridge.

“We put some time into this, and we’re getting momentum on fixing this, and that’s going to mean good things for the Indian students in Tribal America,” said Johnson.”These are dollars, instead of being spent on health insurance, can be spent on student outcomes.”

Johnson’s bill passed through the House Natural Resources Committee, Wednesday — and it now awaits it’s turn on the House floor.

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