Reminders about keeping your pet safe this Fourth of July

RAPID CITY, S.D. — As you enjoy the July 4th weekend, don’t forget about your pets and what you need to do to keep them safe.

EditdogsSome pets might be a little more anxious this time of year due to all the loud noises that neighborhood fireworks make. So to make them feel better, think about keeping them inside the house with some music or the TV on in order to drown out the sound of the fireworks.

“If it’s possible keeps your pets away from the areas where you’re doing fireworks if you are in an area where fireworks are authorized. Make sure you clean up the fireworks so the pets don’t get into the waste because there are chemicals, gun powders, stuff like that that can be dangerous to an animal if consumed and they get in there and play with them. And also, keep them a safe distance from fireworks being shot off because they may be scared of it but they may also want to play with it when fireworks are going off and that can harm them as well,” said James Flynn with Animal Services and Enforcement.

If want your pet to be a part of the festivities, make sure they’re restrained while they’re outside of the home for their safety. “Basically, if your pet is outside we recommend restraint. Keep the dog next to you at all times so you know the dog is safe from fireworks and is not running up to different people in co-ordinance with Rapid City restrain ordinance of course. If your dog does run out of the house because it’s scared or something, of course, report it right away. You can either report it to the Rapid City Police non-emergency line or call us and we will respond and try to locate your pet and get it back to you,” adds Flynn. 


RCPD Non-Emergency line: (605) 394-4131

Animal Services & Enforcement: (605) 394-4132

The Humane Society of the Black Hills will be closed on Sunday, July 4. They return to their normal business hours on Monday, July 5. And remember, micro-chipping is a great way to make sure your dog or cat makes it home safely to you in the event that they get out.

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