‘Remembering Our Fallen’ memorial honoring fallen soldiers who fought “The War on Terror”

STURGIS, S.D. — ‘Remembering Our Fallen’ is a photographic war memorial that honors the nation’s service members who lost their lives in The War on Terror.

Unlike other memorials, ‘Remembering Our Fallen’ is designed to travel and includes two photos of each soldier. One photo will feature the soldiers in their military uniform, the other will show them in their civilian clothes living their everyday life.

“When you see the top picture, the larger picture, which is their military picture, you see their professionalism and the no fear, ‘I am doing my job’,” said Noala Fritz, the Gold Star Mother for the ‘Remembering Our Fallen’. “And then when you look at the inset picture, you now see the personalities and you see what makes up our military. And that’s what is so endearing to so many people when they walk through there.”

All of the soldiers represented on the banners passed away from 9/11/2001 to present day.

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