Rejected sports wagering measure ‘smoked out’ to next legislative day

A sports betting measure initially killed in an early morning hearing has a second chance to be put before voters.

The House State Affairs Committee voted 5-5 against Senate Joint Resolution 2, a proposal that would have put the decision to allow wagering on sports events before voters, on Monday. The tie voted down the measure, and the panel later voted 7-3 to push it to the 41st legislative day, effectively killing it.

However, according to Mike Rodman, executive director of the Deadwood Gaming Association, the resolution was “smoked out” later in the afternoon. Rodman, who attended the hearing, said one-third of the South Dakota House of Representatives invoked Joint Rule 7-7, forcing the panel to put the bill before the full body of the House on the next legislative day, or Tuesday.

Should the proposal receive a “Do Pass” from the House and a majority vote from Deadwood locals, it then becomes a matter of creating a legal sports betting system.

“If the citizens of South Dakota vote favorably for it, then the South Dakota Commission on Gaming and the 2021 legislature will create the rules and the definitions of what they will allow and not allow for sports wagering,” Rodman said.

If the measure is killed in front of the full House, Rodman and other supporters will begin to circulate a petition to put the measure on the 2020 ballot. Rodman estimated that over 30,000 signatures will be required before the resolution can be voted on.

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