Regional Health Rapid City Hospital works through the storm

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Blizzard conditions did not stop Regional Health Rapid City Hospital from saving lives and bringing them into the world.

The hospital was under “condition snow,” which meant employees, patients, and families had to stay the night. With hundreds of cots, air mattresses, and food they managed to make it through.

“We had 200 patients here plus families and then we had approximately 350 staff on sight with about half of those sleeping at any one time. So approximately 550 to 600 people were fed and boarded last night,” said Mike Latour, a Musculoskeletal Care specialist at the hospital.

The biggest struggle was travel. First responders were still out taking emergency calls and the emergency room was up and running through the night. They were fully staffed and worked split shifts – rotating between sleep and work.

There were two blizzard babies that came out healthy. Whenever a baby was born they sent a chime through the speakers to celebrate the newest lives in the building.  Both babies were discharged this morning.

The community came together to make it all work. From clearing roads leading to the hospital to transporting emergency equipment it was all a success.

“In these types of events it’s always a community activity, it’s always a community event and we all have to work together to make it be successful,” said Latour.

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