Regional Health doctor the target in attempted murder-for-hire

RAPID CITY, S.D. – A Rapid City man stands accused of trying to hire someone to kill his late wife’s doctor. Investigators say he believed the doctor didn’t treat her correctly.

The suspect is 62-year-old William Thoman, whose wife died recently of cancer.

Thoman is charged with attempted first-degree murder and criminal solicitation.

Police say Thoman tried to buy a gun to kill the doctor, who works at Regional Health Rapid City Hospital, and also asked someone if they knew anyone who could pull the trigger.

The acquaintance alerted police, and Thomas was arrested Sept. 24.

Officers searched Thoman’s home and found 10 guns and ammunition, along with an appointment card for the doctor.

Thoman is in the Pennington County Jail with no bond.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Thoman could get 25 years in prison. If found guilty of solicitation, that could get him 50 years.

He’s due in court Friday, Oct. 5. COURT DETAILS

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