Regional Health Cooking Class

RAPID CITY, S.D. – It’s a chance to learn healthy eating fundamentals and essentials through the "New you through Nutrition" at Regional Health program. The program focuses on instructional demonstrations in culinary techniques and nutrition. 

In this class, you learn about using fresh herbs while cooking and how to use food as medicine, but each class will feature something different. Participants learn some cooking and food nutrition tips as well as enjoy a prepared meal by the chef.

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It boils down to teaching participants about a new lifestyle change. Chef Scott Brinker notes that the class focuses on healthy eating habits. Organizers put a modern twist using fresh and local ingredients. The goal is to keep growing, to reach out to more people and help them obtain a healthy lifestyle.

Regional Health uses local produce, meat, and products whenever they can, including vegetables and herbs they grow out of the hospital garden in Rapid City. 

The class is a way to discover how real foods can help prevent common health problems while keeping you energized, focused, happy, and healthy.

For more information on classes, contact Cindy Gates at 605-755-1312.

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