Redrum Motorcycle Club takes to the road to help homeless veterans

RAPID CITY, S.D. — In the second year of a partnership between Indian Motorcycles and Redrum Motorcycle Club, what they call the Veteran Warriors Honor Ride took place as riders took to the road to help Rapid City’s homeless population.

Members part of the Veterans Affairs on Pine Ridge, Black Hills Veterans Association, Red Spirit Motorcycle Club, and Oglala Drifters participated in the honor ride.

Riders took off from Sturgis and eventually made their way to Memorial Park with a police escort. While there, they were met with grills cooking hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone in the park.

International President of Redrum Motorcycle Club, Cliff Matias, stated, “It’s to honor veterans, Native American veterans, and also all veterans who serve this country. And also a very important part of that is the homeless vets. We understand there’s a really large homeless veteran population here in Rapid City and a lot of them come to feeds in Memorial Park.”

Matias went on to say that homelessness is something that takes a year-long effort, and that they do whatever they can to help those organizations that work all year long to assist the homeless.

“We sponsor this feed on this particular day, but we also support the organizations here in Rapid City, who are feeding the homeless and caring for the homeless throughout the year,” said Matias. “This is just something really small considering the work that is done throughout the year.”

Veterans from all over the country took place in the honor ride, and Purple Heart recipient Beau Jones led the pack all the way to Memorial Park.

“I’m here from Texas with my buddy Al from Ohio. I came out here to support this awesome run they’re doing for the veterans, and I’m just glad I got to come and be a part of it,” said Jones. “It’s my first time in Sturgis since I was way younger, so it’s an awesome memory to be here and help support the veterans.”

Redrum 7Matias expressed his gratitude to the sponsors Mananalu Pure Water, actor Jason Momoa for donating water, Indie Ridge Boots, Nash Motorcycles, and Indian Motorcycles. He also went on to thank the City of Rapid City, Deadwood, and Sturgis who lent support to the ride by blocking of roads for the bikers.

“All of this unified effort is really how we do this. It’s no one single man, one single organization, but all these different people and organizations that make it happen,” Matias said. “It’s really what this whole thing is about — bringing multiple communities together to serve and show our love.”

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