Red Ribbon Skirt Society marks MMIW Day of Action with traditional Lakota dance

RAPID CITY, S.D. — On Thursday, the Red Ribbon Skirt Society held a round dance in Rapid City to honor those missing and murdered Indigenous relatives. Thursday is the National Day of Action and Awareness for the MMIW crisis.

A traditional Lakota dance, the round dance was designed to be social and bring new people together.

Image From Ios 61After a sage smudging and four directions prayer, the crowd of around twenty gathered on the lawn of the Journey Museum hand-in-hand for the dance.

Men, women, and children sang and moved along with the beat of the drum…their voices giving a voice to those without.

“If you look at Facebook, all across the United States, there’s a lot of MMIW events, and so partaking in this and being a part of it, using the drum, using our social dances, I mean, what a beautiful way to say our women, ‘we’re not going to remain silent.’ No silent no more is what we want to say. No more stolen sisters,” says Darla Black, an activist with the Red Ribbon Skirt Society.

Activists like Black and Red Ribbon Skirt Society founder Lily Mendoza say that awareness, combined with changes to the law, can make a difference in the fight for justice.

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