Red Flag Warning: Critical Fire Danger Thursday, Snow Possible Sunday

Low Humidity and a dry Southwesterly wind could bring critical fire conditions to portions of our area Thursday, before a big shift this weekend

  • As you’re walking out the door, you may find things feel much warmer than you would expect – Chinook winds are in action this morning!
  • Descending winds on the North and Eastern flanks of the Black Hills will make things feel warmer out there, with temperatures in the 60s and 70s
  • These southwesterly winds, however, are a dry wind and could dry things out a bit

  • Hence, a Red Flag Warning for critical fire conditions has been issued for today, for areas West and South of the Black Hills
  • Make sure you are practicing good fire safety, despite our wet season it doesn’t take much to dry things out around here.

  • If you have naturally dry skin, certainly a day to consider having lotion handy – relative humidity values to hang around the 15-20% range
  • Areas Northeast of the Black Hills will have a little more moisture to work with today

  • As mentioned before, temperatures will hang around the 60s and 70s this afternoon, a beautiful day to get outdoor work done or go for a hike!
  • Things will be changing quickly as we approach Friday and the weekend

  • Starting Thursday evening, a cold front will move through the Black Hills Region, bringing spotty showers to areas of Northeastern Wyoming and the Black Hills
  • Rapid City, and areas East of the hills should avoid most precipitation – but most everyone will see winds shift to the Northwest around 20-30 mph
  • Temperatures will move into the high 50’s, good sweater weather and an opportunity to sit on the front porch and sip on some hot tea/coffee/whatever floats your boat!
  • Saturday we get a bit of a break, with winds calming down once again and temperatures creeping into the 60s, Saturday night will introduce a new system into the region

Starting Sunday morning it looks as though a mix of rain and snow will move through the Black Hills region. Areas of Northeastern Wyoming and the higher elevations could see accumulating snow, but lower elevations and areas East of the Black Hills will see mostly rain. It’ll be breezy, and a little bit blustery, but road impacts should be kept to a minimum save for a couple slick spots. We’ll hammer out better details tomorrow as we cross that important 3 day threshold and models start to come into agreement. Thanks for trusting us with your forecast! We’ll keep you updated on any further developments 🙂 – Brant

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