Recovery efforts proposed in response to Fish wildfire

Fish Fire Looking West Toward Iron Mountain By Don Doten Usda Fs

Fish wildfire area, looking west toward Iron Mountain, August 12, 2022 by Don Doten, USDA Forest Service, Black Hills National Forest

SUNDANCE, Wyo. — The U.S. Forest Service proposed recovery efforts Tuesday in response to the Fish wildfire that burned 6,793 acres, including 3,230 acres of National Forest lands, between July 31 and Aug. 14.

The proposed recovery efforts include reducing the risk of beetle infestation, mitigate future fire hazard and restore forest vegetation. The Forest Service has also proposed removing burned pine from areas of 100% mortality and from areas of partial mortality, while retaining trees that are likely to survive on National Forest lands.

Planting local ponderosa pine seedlings and protecting resprouted burned aspen is also proposed for the project.

The proposed activity area is in the northwestern Black Hills, south of Sundance, Wyoming, and includes Fish Canyon, Adams Canyon, Silver Creek, Duling Hill and Iron Mountain.

Removal and sale of merchantable material would occur, and non-merchantable cut material would be scattered, chipped, piled and burned, or otherwise treated to mitigate fire hazard.

Seeding of disturbed ground and suppression of noxious weeds would occur, as needed, following tree removal and road work.

No construction of new or permanent roads would occur, and temporary roads would be decommissioned within three years of project completion.

Comments on the Fish Fire Recovery project can be submitted through the comment form here. All comments must be submitted by Sept. 22.

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