Recent robberies prompt Sturgis Guns to implement new security system

Sturgis Guns is implementing a new security system after two robberies occurred at the business within 35-days of each other.

STURGIS, S.D. — After two robberies at Sturgis Guns, the owners are beefing-up their security.

They’ve added bars over the windows and installed an enhanced security system, following recommendations from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives.

However, owners Tammy and Justin Bohn decided that wasn’t enough. Now, anyone entering Sturgis Guns must go through a new protocol.

The new protocol comes after two robberies occurred at the business, roughly a month apart from each other.

“A lot of people are wearing masks, we respect that,” said Tammy Bohn, a Co-Owner of Sturgis Guns. “But if they’re going to walk in the store, they’re going to be asked to remove the masks so we can get a good picture of their face and then they can put it back on.”

The Bohn’s say that most of their customers have been cooperative and understanding of the new security measure. They also say that they appreciate the service they’ve received from the  Sturgis Police Department and ATF.

The ATF also recommended hiring someone to stand guard at the front door to “buzz” customers into the business.

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