RCPD says ‘open communication’ best when you’re pulled over with a gun in the car

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Since South Dakota’s new gun laws went info effect last month, residents can conceal carry on their person and in their vehicle. But what do you do if you’re pulled over with a gun in your car?

Drivers are not legally required to declare the weapon in the vehicle but the Rapid City Police Department says open communication is the best option.

They say offering that information can prevent any misconceptions of why a gun is there.

“When the question is asked if there are any firearms in the vehicle and the answer is no, but we happen to see a firearm in the glove box or we see one stuffed in the seat of a vehicle, naturally it’s going to raise our suspicion and that’s when a misconception of possible intent could come into play,” said Patrol Sergeant Chris Hunt with the RCPD.

Hunt says since the new law went into effect he hasn’t seen any change in procedure. He says they are always on alert.

Police also urge residents who carry in their cars to be sure to remove the guns when they get out. Gun thefts occur frequently when they’re left in vehicles.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the new law allows residents to ‘open carry,’ rather than conceal carry.

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