RCPD safety tips to bring no tricks, only treats this Halloween

RAPID CITY, S.D. — This Halloween, as kids roam from house-to-house building on their candy haul, Rapid City Police Department wants to make sure parents and children alike have a safe and fun holiday.

Halloween Candy StashFamilies with young children should make sure they have an adult family member such as a parent with them at all times. Children 12 and older, however, are more likely to go out without their parents.

In those situations, RCPD Lieutenant Kelvin Masur recommends parents plan accordingly.

“Make sure you know where they’re going,” Lieutenant Masur said. “Have a sit-down with them, plan ahead, know where your children are going. that way if something happens you know where to go to find them.”

Regardless of age, trick-or-treaters should have on reflective gear or if not available, glow sticks, to be seen at night. Darker-colored costumes get harder to see as the sun goes down, and kids could be in danger if they can’t be seen by motorists.

Above all, Lieutenant Masur recommends parents check their children’s candy before they dive in to their stash.

“When you’re done at the end of the night, before you dive in to all of those goodies, make sure you’re checking over the stuff that you got. Look over that candy, look over your Reese’s pieces, or Skittles. Make sure that the stuff that you got hasn’t been tampered with.”

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