RCPD responds to report of shots fired from Wambli Drive residence, public asked to avoid area

UPDATE: 7:39 p.m. — Many attempts were made to get in touch with the individual.

At one point, there were reports of smoke coming from the building. The RCPD didn’t initially have a confirmed fire.

The RCPD Special Response team opened a door for an individual to exit at which point a lot of smoke was seen. The SRT team did deploy gas at one point to try to expedite the person to leave the house. It did not have an incendiary effect.

The fire was quite extensive. The RCFD is on scene to put out the fire.

At this time, the RCPD believes that the public safety threat has subsided. There is still a fire and safety threat to officers and first responders who are unable to enter the house.

“The chances of someone surviving this fire are very low,” said Don Hedrick, the Interim Police Chief of the RCPD. “As a result, for our standard protocol, we have contacted the Front Porch Coalition, who has a loss team. It’s a team of experts that are here to help family members deal with suicide, deal with loss of another family member. Right now we’re working with them and the family to get them the resources they need.”

At this time, it is believed that the individual inside is deceased. Therefore, the RCPD has contacted the Division of Criminal Investigations to give a neutral third-party review of the manor of death.

The RCFD was able to respond to the scene to make sure that no other residences were affected by fire.

UPDATE: (6:29 p.m.) –

Just after 3:00 p.m. the RCPD responded to the 700 Block of Wambli for a report of a man who dumped gasoline on himself and in the residence.

The man was reported to have a shotgun.

Several rounds were fired from the residence to the outside. The RCPD then locked down the neighborhood and are currently working with the family to establish communications. The RCPD is trying to peacefully resolve the situation as it poses a major threat to public safety.

The RCPD is utilizing a long range acoustic device to further establish communications inside the residence from the outside.

Traffic beyond Wambli Drive and Teton as well as Mall Drive is completely locked down. Only emergency traffic is allowed in.

UPDATE: (5:52 p.m.) – There is an armed, barricaded individual inside a residence.

Gunfire is still being heard from inside. The RCPD is working with nearby homes to resolve the threat to public safety as soon as possible.

The public is asked to avoid the Lakota Homes, Mall Dr area.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City Police Department has responded to a report of shots fired from a residence on Wambli Drive.

Law Enforcement has shut down Lakota Homes and is asking that the public avoid the area as they continue to resolve the situation.

This is a developing story that NewsCenter1 will provide updates to as they become available.

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