RCPD reminds public to be mindful of parking cars downtown

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City Police Department would like to remind the public that if cars are left downtown — notice of 24 hours will be given before the vehicle is towed.

If your car is towed you can call dispatch for its impound lot.

“If your car is parked on private property it will be up to the property management, the property owned to tow it, and you would call them to see where it was towed to,” said Officer Carlee Harris, RCPD. “It it’s left on city streets and it is towed, you can contact dispatch and they can let you know where it was towed to. Usually, we allow vehicles to be parked on the city streets for 24 hours.”

There are fines and fees associated with a towed car, they vary by lot.

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