RCPD purchases electric mountain bikes for Bike Patrol Unit

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Rapid City Police Department’s bike patrol unit got an upgrade on Friday.

The unit received its first two electric mountain bikes to help officers get through rough terrain. The department bought the bikes with grant money from NWE Management.  

The bikes can get up to 18miles-per-hour and they require very little manual effort. It will help officer get to where they’re going more quickly and easily during emergencies in remote locations.

“The biggest one is probably going to be our homeless creating camps up there on Elmhill or Skyline. In the past couple of years, we’ve also seen an increased number of suicidal subjects referring to that the’re going up to the top of Elmhill and commit suicicde which leaves officers at a disadvantage trying to run all over the hill looking for them. We can cover ground fairly quick with these bikes,” said Officer Mackenzie Armstrong.  

RCPD hopes to purchase more of these electric mountain bikes in the future. 

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