RCPD proposes establishing new ‘southwest precinct’ with city surplus funds

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City Council convened for a special session Monday night to hear project proposals for an estimated $20 million surplus in the City’s general fund. According to Mayor Steve Allender, the surplus is from previously-budgeted funds and COVID relief funds still unspent.

City Hall

Among the proposals submitted by nine city department directors was a $1.8 million property acquisition for the Rapid City Police Department to establish a “southwest precinct.” Another million dollars was requested between the Police and Fire Departments to purchase radios compliant with a new, statewide radio system upgrade.

Rapid City Fire proposed a ten-million-dollar remodel and expansion for Fire Station 1, which includes a functional fire station and the department’s administrative staff.

Other projects submitted include:

  • City Finance: $2 million for the Opportunity Capture Fund – used for economic development to encourage new/expanding businesses (especially those with higher wages) to the Rapid City area
  • Library: $300,000 to purchase a bookmobile for use in the community
  • Fire: $2 million for infrastructure/construction of a fire training tower at training property on Creek Drive
  • Human Resources: $619,000 COVID-19 bonus payments to first responders and City employees
  • Information Technology: $200,000 for computer replacement and centralized purchasing of computer equipment
  • The Monument: $1 million for scoreboard/video board/ribbon board upgrades; $250,000 for demolition of a property on Adams Street, and $1.75 million to establish a machine shop and parking lot for large equipment
  • Public Works: $1.5 million for Jackson Springs Water Treatment Membrane Module replacement; $4 million for proactive expansion of existing infrastructure to encourage targeted development

The meeting was open to the public, however no action was taken by the Council and no public comment was allowed.

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