RCPD on scene of “protest” in response to city’s handling of homeless population

RAPID CITY, S.D. — On Friday night, at the intersection of Lacrosse Street and Centre Street, four teepees are set up in the middle of Steele Avenue Park in “protest” of Rapid City’s response to the homeless population.

According to Captain James Johns of the Rapid City Police Department, the structures put up in the flood plain zone of the park is in violation of city ordinance. The teepees were put up as a way to help feed the homeless, but Capt. Johns says the organizers who set up the event know they’re setting up in a flood plain and in violation of the ordinance.

He said that the Rapid City Police Department has been working with several groups to help with the homeless problem in Rapid City for several weeks, and that they’re working on coming up with solutions for the homeless population’s issues.

When asked if there was anything being done to house them with the dropping temperatures, and winter approaching, Capt. Johns said there are many resources in Rapid City where the homeless can go such as the Cornerstone Rescue Mission and the Care Campus.

Capt. Johns says the organizers of this protest know about these resources, but they’re upset at the mayor and the city, and as a “protest”, the RCPD has to step in.

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