RCPD offers Black Friday safe shopping tips

Prevent yourself from becoming a target for criminals

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Whether you’re shopping online or in person this weekend, the Rapid City Police Department wants to remind folks how to do it safely.

From the time you make your purchase to when you can open it at home, there are many steps you can take to make sure you don’t become a victim of a crime.

Any bags or boxes should be stored out of sight. Concealing items in your car can prevent making your car a target for criminals.

In between shopping trips, there’s one easy thing that you can do that only takes a few seconds to keep your items safe.

“One of the most commonly reported crimes we see is that vehicle burglary,” said Community Relations Specialist with the RCPD, Brendyn Medina. “More often than not, it’s what we call a non-aggravated entry. What that tells us is that someone left their vehicle unlocked. It’s a very easy precaution to take.”

These days, more and more shopping is done online. When those items get delivered, they may be left unattended, leaving them vulnerable. To help protect packages from porch pirates, try having packages delivered to a side or back door, or even at work if possible.

But anytime something is stolen, the RCPD urges that you call them right away to report it.

“Anytime you’re the victim of a crime, we do advise you file a report,” said Medina. “You never know just where your incident falls in line with other incidents in the community, and we can use that to develop a pattern.”

The RCPD says they do notice a pattern in an increased number of car thefts around this time of the year. Again they run into the problem of people leaving their cars unlocked to let it warm up.

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