RCPD K9 ‘Jackson’ retires after 9 years

RAPID CITY, S.D. – A Rapid City K-9 unit is hanging up his vest after nine years of service.

Jackson, a Belgian Malinois, has been with the Rapid City Police Department the past nine years. After helping catch bad guys for over 60 dog years, Jackson is retiring.

Jackson, a K9 unit with the RCPD retires after 9 years in the service.

He was honored at a Rapid City Common Council meeting Monday night.

According to Sgt. Marcos Glass, Jackson’s handler, he’s helped in police operations from visiting local schools to deescalating potentially dangerous situations during traffic stops.

“Jackson has been in apprehensions where we’ve bit suspects, and after minutes after making the arrest, they’re petting him and asking all kinds of questions about Jackson,” said Glass.

Jackson will live with Sgt. Glass for the rest of his retirement.

Jackson, a K9 with the RCPD, poses with a local boy scout troop celebrating his retirement

RCPD K9 unit Jackson poses with city officials celebrating his retirement after 9 years.

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