RCPD issues reminder about firearm safety

RAPID CITY, S.D. — As the weather warms, and tourists make their way to the Black Hills, the Rapid City Police Department wants to remind people about gun safety.

Public safety officials are issuing a reminder about steps gun owners need to take to keep themselves, and those around them safe, and for those who carry firearms, that starts with 24/7 accountability. When out and about, never leave a gun unattended, and if leaving it a vehicle, it is vital to make sure it is secure and locked.

“Whenever you leave your vehicle, you secure it, you hit that lock button,” said RCPD Public Information Officer Brendyn Medina. “Make sure that when you pull the handle on it, you can’t immediately get into it. The vast majority of our burglaries here in Rapid City – vehicle burglaries that we see – are what we call ‘non-aggravated,’ which means that there’s no forced entry into the vehicle. And what that tells us, is that vehicle was left unlocked, and an opportunity for a potential burglar to come in, and all they have to do is lift the door handle, they can get in, rummage through all your stuff in less than 30 seconds and be on their way.”

This is even more important when weapons are involved.

“Actually what you’re doing when you leaving a firearm in a vehicle, and it gets stolen, you are introducing a firearm into the criminal element of our city,” said Medina. “So, it’s highly concerning. Obviously these people aren’t selling the guns for charity, so it makes you wonder what their intentions are with that firearm.”

The Police Department stresses the importance of keeping a gun in your care and custody at all times, and ensuring when it is not, it is properly secured so it stays in the right hands.

“The Rapid City Police Department, we’re huge proponents of responsible gun ownership,” said Medina. “The idea that you as a firearm owner are responsible for that firearm 24/7, 365. So ultimately you are accountable for the security of that firearm as well.”


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