RCPD Chief Jegeris: “We aren’t able to substantiate busloads of rioters”

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City Police Chief Karl Jegeris stated in a Monday afternoon gathering of Rapid City community leaders that the police department can’t substantiate the rumor of three busloads of protesters coming to Rapid City from Sioux Falls.

Jegeris said that the Rapid City Police Department and other agencies such as the South Dakota Highway Patrol and Pennington County Sheriff’s Office are looking into any piece of information that they are given, but he reminds the public of misinformation, specifically that’s spread through social media.

“We’re chasing down every piece of information,” said Jegeris. “There is so much misinformation out there, especially social media infused misinformation. We aren’t able to substantiate bus loads of rioters. We are able to substantiate some local young people that are rightfully angry or elevated anxiety. Keep in mind, we’ve had kids out of school for months already.”

While Jegeris said that they aren’t able to prove that busloads of rioters may or may not come, he says that the agencies are ready.

“We certainly have the possibility of outside visitors coming to cause damage and destruction,” said Jegeris. “I’m here to assure you that we’re hoping for the best, and we are prepared for the worst.”

On Sunday, Gov. Noem called in the South Dakota National Guard to help law enforcement during violent protests in Sioux Falls.



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