RCPD Chief Jegeris releases message of support for George Floyd Memorial Walk

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City Police Chief Karl Jegeris had a message for those that participated in a memorial walk Saturday for George Floyd.

Via a Facebook post from the Rapid City Police Department, Jegeris stated his support despite not being able to attend the walk.

“Though I am unable to be at today’s memorial walk, know that I stand with you in spirit during this peaceful gathering to remember the life of George Floyd,” Jegeris wrote.

A peaceful walk was held in Floyd’s honor during a time in which many are violently protesting the incident in which he was killed. 

Jegeris was “shocked” when seeing the video of Floyd’s death saying, “The video showing his last moments shocked me along with my fellow law enforcement officers at the Rapid City Police Department.”

He later went on to say, “I want everyone to know that the RCPD remains committed to employing effective and proactive approaches to community policing in our city. Each of our officers receives training on the topic of trauma-informed policing with historically accurate information specific to this area we all call home. In addition, our officers also receive education on Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they can affect an individual’s long-term well-being.”

Jegeris ended his message asking those from the community to take a survey, asking community members how the RCPD can further connect with the community. You can take the survey by clicking here.

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