RCPD Assistant Chief Don Hedrick appointed interim police Chief

Rapid City, S.D — Mayor Allender has appointed Assistant Chief Don Hedrick as interim Chief of the Rapid City Police Department.

It has been an interesting time for the department, but Hedrick says he is prepared for the challenge. Hedrick began his law enforcement career in 2002, and speaks very highly of outgoing Chief Karl Jegeris and of the direction of the department.

“Well, Chief Jegeris is going to be missed,” said Hedrick. “He is a leader that puts people first, and he was somebody that looked out for the youth and the vulnerable in our community, and whoever follows him has some big shoes to fill, but also I can tell you that things are going really well at this department, and we’re doing a lot of things right.”

Continued transparency and community engagement has had an overall positive impact in Rapid City. The department as a result has enjoyed the support of local residents. To add to the great news, Hedrick has also been accepted as one of eight leaders in the nation to receive a Bloomberg Fellowship to pursue a Doctor of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. He will focus on disrupting cycles of victimization and violence. He said, 

“I believe that learning from experts in the field and learning best practices, and bringing that back here to Rapid City is only going to make our community a better place.”

Hedrick’s name has been submitted to city leadership to potentially make his move to the Chief’s chair permanent. While tensions rise in the country, Hedrick is pleased to be part of such an outstanding unit.

“It’s kinda weird times or whatever, but I really truly believe that we have some amazing people at work here. Compassionate, dedicated police officers, and I‘m proud to be amongst them, I really am.”

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