RCFD welcomes back ambulance to its fleet

Rapid City Fire Department’s Medic 3 ambulance is back in action after it had some repairs due to being totaled during a snow event in February.

Ambulance 3A firefighter in the ambulance at the time was injured and made a full recovery, but it took a bit more time to get the vehicle fixed due to supply shortages.

Now the chassis is rebuilt and the vehicle rejoined the fleet after a ceremony and blessing this Monday afternoon, better than it was before the accident.

“That box was able to get reworked, it’s got new flooring, new seats, all of the compartments were gone through, the doors, the hinges,” RCFD EMS Division Chief, Brent Long said. “All of the mechanical portions of that box were all reworked, it was buffed out they did a great job and they got it to match the new chassis.”


It took about ten months from the accident to bring the vehicle back into service.

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