RCFD utilizes pet resuscitation equipment for veterinary emergencies

RAPID CITY, SD — As Rapid City firefighters put out a house fire over the weekend, they also saved two dogs, bringing them back to life with pet resuscitation equipment.

The equipment is stocked in every department ambulance and works in conjunction with human equipment. The kit holds three masks of different sizes to fit any pet’s shape.

Also in the pack is a leash, and forms to pass along to veterinarians, recapping the incident.

RCFD Lieutenant Jim Bussell says the gear isn’t something the department trains on specifically, but it’s used regularly.

“The process of trying to do CPR or ventilating and trying to breathe for the animal is very similar to that of a human,” said Bussell.

RCFD also works in cooperation with the Animal Clinic of Rapid City and the Emergency Vet Clinic to seek advice on immediate care for pets.

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