RCFD salutes firefighters in retirement


RAPID CITY, S.D. — A bittersweet day for the Rapid City Fire Department as they wish happy retirement to four of their own.

In a ceremony at station one with fellow firefighters and immediate family, the department said goodbye to Chief Rod Seals, Section Chief Matt Culberson, Battalion Chief Tim Daily and Operations Captain Joe Jayden.

The four take with them more than 100-years experience, a legacy that will be felt in the department for years to come.

“We’re sad to see them all leave, that’s 110 years worth of experience & knowledge,” said Ryan Marcks, the President of the International Association of Firefighters Local 1040. “But they’ve done their time, they’ve contributed immensely and we wish them well.”

“We’ve enjoyed having them here, they’ve poured into all of our lives and been mentors to a lot of us,” said Josh Lange, the RCFD Operations Lieutenant.

“It’s a little bit scary to be real honest,” said Lieutenant Jim Bussell. “No one in this organization knows what this organization looks like without Tim Dally and Matt Culberson here.”

The four decided to retire amid pandemic budget issues to help prevent layoffs.

With their departures, RCFD is now down 14 staff members.

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